“We have the capacity to prevent and diagnose bowel cancer at an early stage and save many lives. Screening of people without symptoms and early investigation of those with symptoms can lead us down the path to ultimately eradicating the disease. We really can beat bowel cancer”.

Emeritus Professor Adrian Polglase

Patron & Founder, Let's Beat Bowel Cancer


Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer is a not-for-profit initiative of Cabrini with a vision to significantly lower deaths related to bowel cancer through public awareness, research and medical advances. 

We know it’s possible to save many lives, because even though bowel cancer is the second biggest cause of cancer-related death in Australia, it is also the most preventable.

Key Goals

  • Demystify bowel cancer and increase awareness of bowel cancer as a major public health issue.
  • Encourage every Australian 50 and over to screen regularly for bowel cancer.
  • Promote and support ongoing bowel cancer education and clinical research, focusing on prevention, early detection and treatment of bowel cancer.

Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer is uniquely placed to promote bowel cancer awareness and support vital clinical research because Cabrini treats more than twice the number of bowel cancer patients than any other private or public hospital in Victoria.


Let's Beat Bowel Cancer (formerly known as Tackling Bowel Cancer) was established in 2001 by Professor Adrian Polglase, a colorectal surgeon at Cabrini, as a community awareness campaign to alert Australians to the major risk of bowel cancer and to support clinical research focusing on prevention, early detection and treatment.

The inspiration for Tackling Bowel Cancer emerged from the great tackling strength of Trevor Barker, former captain of the St Kilda Football Club who died from bowel cancer at age 39.

In 2008, Tackling Bowel Cancer was rebranded Let's Beat Bowel Cancer launched a new look, a new logo and brand new website.   Let's Beat Bowel Cancer is managed and administered within the framework of the Cabrini Institute (Education & Research) and the Cabrini Foundation (Fundraising). 

All funds raised through Let's Beat Bowel Cancer fundraising inititiatives go directly toward the funding of future bowel cancer health promotion and reserach inititatives

Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer supports the bowel cancer research activities of the Cabrini Monash University Department of Surgery. More information about these research activities can be found here.

You can learn more about Cabrini at www.cabrini.com.au or here.

A note of thanks... 

Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer relies on the generosity of the community through philanthropic support to achieve these goals as we do not receive any government funding for our work. 

All funds raised through Let's Beat Bowel Cancer fundraising initiatives go directly toward the funding of future bowel cancer health promotion and reserach inititatives

To those who support the activities of Lets Beat Bowel Cancer we are very grateful.  We are particularly indebted to our Patrons, Ambassadors, corporate sponsors and philanthropic donors for their continued and ongoing support of our work.

With your help we can beat bowel cancer!