There are three key streams of bowel cancer related research which are the current focus for the Cabrini Monash University Department of Surgery:

1. Screening and prevention for bowel cancer

Including exploring the value of screening in the younger age groups under 50 years, who are not currently addressed by the national screening program.

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2. Peri-operative care (including surgical techniques) of bowel cancer

Including different surgical techniques and the use of peri-operative radiotherapy.

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3. Patient outcomes following treatment for bowel cancer

Including a review of bowel cancer surgery techniques for abdominoperineal resection, using data from the colorectal database, to determine if a change in surgery technique could improve patient outcomes.

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Publications enhance scientific and medical knowledge and lead to a greater understanding of diseases and may also lead to improvments in patient care and outcomes, not just for our own patients at Cabrini, but also for those around the world.

Below is a summary of the publications, book chapters, published abstracts, submitted papers, manuscripts in preparation, presentations and conference posters by the Cabrini Monash University Department of Surgery under the auspices of Cabrini Institute.


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